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Pamela Kexel

200-hr certified instructor

Swastha Yoga International

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Everyone is Welcome

Yoga is fun and beneficial for everyone.  There are no age or fitness limits.  Whether you experience chronic pain, would like to improve your breathing and endurance, or if you are hoping to gain focus and relieve tension, yoga can help.  Yoga is a practice uniting mind, body, and soul in a way that promotes general well being. With regular practice you will move toward a complete and balanced state of optimal health and improved quality of life. 

Enhance Your Wellness

Yoga is great for athletes and can improve your performance in other physical activities or sports.  The physical practice of yoga consists of moving through a series of postures and poses which will help you gain strength and flexibility.  During relaxation muscles lengthen and joints open.  You will have greater alignment in your everyday posture and gain balance through intense core (abdominal and back) strengthening.

Focus Your Mind

Yoga not only improves your physical body, but also allows you to find clarity through mindfulness and meditation.  Yoga movement is "with the breath" helping you to focus on the simplicity of the practice which will relieve stress and quiet the mind.  It is important to take a step back from the stresses of daily life, and in this moment regain perspective, become curious, and reconnect with your inner peace and joy.

My Intention

Meet Pam- your instructor

I wish to share with you the joy 

that yoga has brought to me.  

Meet Zeus

This lovable guy wants to practice 

downward facing dog with you!

If not today, then when?

Today is your gift.  

Be real.  Be curious.  Have fun!


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Posture clinic coming soon.  A demonstration of the proper mechanics of select yoga poses.  

First up: mountain pose


No upcoming events.

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All personal yoga and yoga party classes are by scheduled appointment.  

Yoga with Kitties is always public and occurs the 1st Saturday of every month at noon at Your OM in Milwaukee.

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